The World War II History Center is operated entirely by volunteers.  These people dedicate their free time to operate the museum, fund-raise, manage the collection and conduct research.  If you are interested in contributing your time and effort to the World War II History Center's mission of preserving the history of the World War II era, please contact us

Executive Director

Doug Odom

Public Relations Director


Museum Store Manager

Loren Anthony

Tribute Gallery Technician

Doug Odom

Lead Researcher


Assistant Researcher

Doug Odom


Erik Runge

WWII Reenacting Corps Commander

Erik Runge

Museum Positions That Need Filled

Museum Curator - This person will have overall responsibility of the museum portion of the World War II History Center.  This responsibility includes the management of museum-related staff including the Administrator of Collections, the Exhibit Development Team, and docents and volunteers working within the museum itself.  Responsibilities also include Exhibit Strategy, overall design, and management of the Exhibit Construction and Collection Acquisition budgets. 

Restoration Technician (specializing in the restoration of military vehicles) - This person will be our primary restorer of WWII-era military vehicles back to running condition, and will also maintain the vehicles.  We currently have one U.S. Army 1943 jeep and one U.S. Army 1942 1-1/2 ton Chevy truck in the collection. 

Acquisitions - This person's responsibility will be to seek out new additions for the museum's collection.  Eventually, this person will have a monthly budget to work from and would visit estate sales, garage sales, auctions and collector's shows for unique, interesting or other items needed to complete exhibits. 

Research Library Administrator - This person will be responsible for the management, organization and overall research capabilities of the World War II History Center's Research Library. 

Program and Education Director - This person will be responsible for the design and implementation of programs conducted by the Center.  This person will also be responsible for working with local schools, tours and other groups to provide educational experiences at the Center.

Administrator of Collections - This person's responsibility will be to oversee the processing of newly donated items to the collection, including cataloguing, researching, organization, storage and long-term care.  This person will work with the Exhibit Development team to ensure that items from the collection are being rotated on display.  This person will also manage any collection items on loan to other museums, or special exhibits on loan from other museums. 

If you are interested in volunteering with the World War II History Center and Research Library, let us know!