WWII Veteran's Associations

1st Fighter Group Association

1st Infantry Division Society

2nd Infantry Division Association

3rd Armored Division Association

3rd Infantry Division Society

4th Fighter Group Site

4th Infantry Division Association

5th Armored Division Association

7th Armored Division Association

8th Armored Division Association

8th Infantry Division Association

10th Armored Division Association

10th Mountain Division Association

11th Armored Division Association

19th Bombardment Association

20th Armored Division Association

20th Fighter Group Site

25th Infantry Division Association

28th Infantry Division Association

29th Infantry Division Association 

31st Fighter Group Association

33rd Infantry Division Association

39th Bomb Group Association

40th Tank Battalion Site

42nd Infantry Division Association

44th Bomb Group Association

44th Infantry Division Site

49th Fighter Group Site

65th Infantry Division Association

69th Infantry Division Site

70th Infantry Division Association

71st Infantry Division Association

76th Infantry Division Association

78th Fighter Group Site

78th Infantry Division Association

82nd Fighter Group Association

86th Infantry Division Association

87th Infantry Division Association

88th Infantry Division Association

89th Infantry Division Association

91st Bomb Group Association

94th Infantry Division Association

99th Infantry Division Association

100th Bomb Group Foundation

100th Infantry Division Association

104th Infantry Division Association

106th Infantry Division Association

250th Coast Artillery Association

274th Armored Field Artillery Battalion Site

306th Bomb Group (H)

315th Bomb Wing Association

325th Fighter Group Association

332nd Fighter Group Site

339th Fighter Group Association

352nd Fighter Group Association

353rd Fighter Group Association

354th Fighter Group Site

354th Fighter Group site (2)

356th Fighter Group Association

357th Fighter Group Association

357th Fighter Group Site

361st Fighter Group Association

365th Fighter Group Association

365th Fighter Group Site

368th Fighter Group Association

384th Bomb Group Association

392nd Bomb Group Association

406th Fighter Group Association

419th Armored Field Artillery Battalion Site

444th Bomb Group Association

450th Bomb Group Association

474th Fighter Group History

475th Fighter Group Historical Foundation

486th Bomb Group (Heavy) Association

491st Bomb Group (Heavy) Association

494th Bomb Group Association

507th Fighter Group Site

555th Parachute Infantry Battalion Association

737th Tank Battalion Association

746th Tank Battalion Association

749th Tank Battalion Site

750th Tank Battalion Site

752nd Tank Battalion Site

761st Tank Battalion Association

761st Tank Battalion Tribute Site

778th Tank Battalion Tribute Site

784th Tank Battalion Association

American Ex-Prisoners of War Association

Chemical Corps Regimental Association

LST Association -- Website contains visitor-submitted photos of LST's.

National WWII Glider Pilots Association, Inc.

P-47 Thunderbolt Pilots Association

USS Block Island Association

USS San Francisco Association

Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge Association

WWII Museums, Societies, Sites, Memorials

4th Armored Division Memorial Website

8th Air Force Historical Society

29th Infantry Division (U.S.)

192nd Tank Battalion

551st Parachute Infantry Battalion History

Camp Amache -- A Japanese Internment camp located outside Granada, Colorado.

Celebration of Freedom Memorial -- A veteran's memorial located in front of the Butler County Courthouse, El Dorado, KS.

Central Florida World War II Museum -- Another museum under development.

Combat Air Museum -- Topeka, Kansas

The Crime Museum -- DC Tours  The Crime Museum in Washington, D.C. presents an excellent array of historical crime scenes accompanied by pages upon pages of literature.

Eighth Air Force Museum

The Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum

Eldred World War II Museum -- Eldred, Pennsylvania

Gyges Publishing Company -- A Danish website that covers some World War II aspects of:  Command and control of Kriegsmarine units in Denmark.  Luftwaffe fighter command and control facilities in all of occupied Europe.  Radar stations and signal intelligence units related to these organizations (Flugmeldemess, Funkmessortung and Funkaufklärung Stellungen).  Constructions related to these facilities and stations.

Harry S. Truman Library Institute

Holley Museum of Military History -- Topeka, Kansas

Jayhawk Wing of the Commemorative Air Force -- Wichita, Kansas - New!

Musee Airborne (Link updated 3/11/09)-- A museum dedicated to the American liberation of Sainte-Mere-Eglise, France, on the first day of D-Day.  Located in Sainte-Mere-Eglise, France.

Museum of World War II -- Natick, Massachusetts

National Pacific War Museum -- Fredericksburg, Texas

National Showa Memorial Museum -- Tokyo, Japan

National World War II Memorial -- Washington, D. C.

National World War II Museum -- New Orleans, Louisiana

Pennsylvania Military Museum -- Boalsburg, Pennsylvania

Pratt Army Airfield -- Pratt, Kansas

Roberts Armory

Rosie the Riveter National Historic Park

The OSS, The Unknown Story of the Men and Women of World War II's OSS

Toronto ALPHA - Toronto Association for Learning and Preserving the History of WWII in Asia

Traces Museum -- St. Paul, Minnesota

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

World War II Historical Society -- United Kingdom

World War II History Info 

World War II Victory Museum -- Auburn, Indiana

WW2 Battlefield Relics -- United Kingdom

WWII History and Research

1st Infantry Division (U.S.)

2nd Armored Division Association

6th Armored Division History

8th Air Force History

9th Infantry Division (U.S.)

491st Bomb Group

506th Parachute Infantry Regiment (U.K.)

741st Tank Battalion

Das Reich 2nd SS Panzer Division (Germany)

Eyewitness to World War II -- All about the German Armed Forces from 1918-1945

Find the -- Website/blog run by a Frenchman who looks for the remains of soldiers missing in action on French battlefields.

Guide to Online Schools -- An online resource of World War II Research websites.

IX Troop Carrier Command

Kilroy Was Here -- Unknown stories and forgotten places. WWII & Korean war Secrets. Unknown stories revealed & places rediscovered Personal stories of combat & home front, legends, Gremlins and foofighters. 

Maps of World War II


Telling Their Stories -- Oral History Archives Project

The Avalon Project, Yale University - World War II Documents

The Battle of the Hurtgen Forest

The History Place--World War II in Europe Timeline

World War 2 Directory

World War II -

WWII Retailers, Original and Reproduction Items

Miscellaneous Links

American Legion

B-29 "Doc" Restoration Project

Forgotten Heroes

Hitler's Third Reich and World War II in the News

Honor Flight

Kansas Museum of Military History

Kansas Museums Association

Letters from Rito

Mid-Kansas Military Vehicle Preservation Association

National Society of Daughters of the

British Empire in the U.S.A.

Task Force Baum -- A German website (that can be read in English) that describes Patton's attempt to free his son-in-law from a German POW camp in 1945.

The War - PBS -- All about Ken Burn's documentary about World War II. - Documentary Filmmaker Larry Cappetto's website.  His films are based on Oral Histories that he himself has gathered.

Veterans of Foreign Wars

World War II Battlefield Relics -- A British website featuring relics found on European battlefields.

Local Attractions in and Around El Dorado, KS


Butler County History Center and Kansas Oil Museum

Coutts Memorial Museum of Art


El Dorado State Park

Freedom Memorial

Stearman Field 

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