Memorial to the WWII Generation

Once the World War II History Center has acquired property on which to build its full-scale facility, a traditional stone memorial will be erected in honor of a generation that sacrificed like no other generation before or since to defeat evil in the world.  This memorial will not only recognize the service and valor of those who put their lives on the line, but also those who worked long hours in the factory, in the farm fields, or in the USO clubs.  Until then, we will post the names of that generation on this page, in much the same way that they will be placed on the memorial.  The names listed here have been submitted to us by those who wish their family members or friends recognized for their tremendous courage, selflessness, and above all, sacrifice so that free nations across the world should not perish from the earth.

Names can be added for a $250 tax-deductible donation to the World War II History Center.  Click here to learn how you can submit a name for the memorial.


There are currently 12 names on the memorial.


William C. Gilbert - US Army Air Corps

Donelda Brown - US Navy WAVES

Clifford Stone - US Army Air Corps

Leon "Lee" Everett Bagley - US Navy

Blair Peterson - US Army Air Corps

Edgar "Eddie" Miles - US Navy

Eugene M. Henry - US Army Air Corps

Edwin Cole Bearss - US Marine Corps

Catherine Soller - US Home Front

Tina Gilbert - US Defense Industry

Harold "Bill" Lee - US Army Air Corps

Lloyd Cooley - US Navy