Click on the links below to see the support that has been received by the World War II History Center since its creation in April, 2006. 

Funding Support

We have more members and individual donors than we can list on a website.  Every donor is important to us!  We thank you for your consideration and financial support of our Foundation.  

Grants Awarded

April 25, 2008 - K.T. Wiedemann Foundation, Inc. - $18,000 - for renovation expenses

October 21, 2008 - Kansas Museums Association, Institutional Grant Program - $400 - for Collections Care

December 15, 2008 - Butler County Wind Farm Grant - $22,100 in matching funds - for infrastructure (such as lighting, collections care, and display cases)

May 17, 2010 - K.T. Wiedemann Foundation, Inc. - 2 year, $20,000 matching grant - for building purchase

June 1, 2010 - present - Stone Family Foundation - multi-year, $10,000 grant - for Foundation operations and Exhibit creation

In-Kind Donations

Below is a list some of the in-kind donations that the World War II History Center has received, including their value.  To date, the World War II History Center has received in-kind donations worth $42,190.46.

5/1/06 - Architectural drawings donated by Robert E. Smith, valued at $23,000.

6/1/07 - The book "The Lost Diary", donated to the World War II History Center's Research Library by DPM Publishing, valued at $19.95.

12/31/07 - 2400 square feet of office space and utilities for 17 months, donated by Commerce Bank of El Dorado, valued at $11,900.

1/5/08 - 1,025 square feet of carpet tiles donated by Koch Industries Incorporated, valued at $2,050.

3/11/08 - Delta Electric Supply sale of electrical supplies and light fixtures at cost, savings valued at $122.30.

3/11/08 - Hajoca plumbing supply wholesaler donation of bathroom fixtures, valued at $253.88.

5/12/08 - Rush plumbing gave 10% discount on plumbing work, valued at $123.18.

6/11/08 - Home Lumber and Supply of El Dorado providing 20% discount on paint and discounted drywall (value not yet calculated).

7/18/08 - Rush plumbing gave 5% discount on plumbing work, valued at $36.72.

9/4/08 - Leann Bird donation of an exhibit display case, valued at $50.00.

9/12/08 - Carlisle Heating & Air Conditioning gave discount on services rendered, valued at $600.00.

10/30/08 - Acklin Construction discount on labor, valued at $200.00.

10/30/08 - Morrow Exteriors donated a panic exit device for emergency exit, valued at $200.00.

11/19/08 - Architectural drawings donated by Robert E. Smith, valued at $700.00.

11/20/08 - In-store credit from Wells Designs, valued at $100.00.

12/22/08 - A new digital camera donated by Allen Cooley, valued at $202.91.

2/7/09 - 100 copies of the book entitled "ZigZagPass", by Leon Hesser, donated by Mr. Hesser, valued at $1,995.00.

2/9/09 - A copy of the book "Silver Wings, Pinks & Greens", by Jon A. Maguire, donated by David Cupp, valued at $46.52.

2/16/09 - Regular use of the car trailer owned by the El Dorado American Legion Post for hauling WWII vehicles to events.  Estimated value  $30.00 per use.

5/4/09 - Discount on recycled plastic filler for sandbags from K-Line Plastics, valued at $30.00.

6/30/09 - 10 hats for resale in Gift Shop, donated by Wells Designs, valued at $100.00.

10/17/09 - Food items for Bingo Event, donated by Cathy Debbrecht, valued at $100.00.

11/14/09 - New printer/scanner/copier for office, donated by Allen Cooley, valued at $149.99.

1/27/10 - New computer for office, donated by Allen Cooley, valued at $310.00.

2/12/10 - Seven K Company Promotional Products, ongoing donations of engraving work, valued at $100.00+


Downing and Lahey Mortuary of Wichita, Kansas

Former Kansas State Representative Bill Mason

Dick Morris, proprietor of the Morris-Kirby Funeral Home of El Dorado, Kansas

Harland Priddle, former Secretary of State, and Secretary of Agriculture for the State of Kansas

Kansas State Representative John Grange

Kansas State Representative Melody McCray-Miller

Sedgwick County, Kansas Commissioner Kelly Parks

Mike Pompeo, 2010 Candidate for the Kansas 4th Congressional District