Those Who Served Index

This is a listing of military personnel and civilians who served their country (any country) during World War II.  Each name has been submitted by a friend, family member or acquaintance.  The proceeds raised from each name submitted benefit the World War II History Center.

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U.S. Army

Ashcraft, Delbert - Submitted by Richard Womack (cousin)

Boryk, Theodore - A Company, 823rd Tank Destroyer Battalion - Submitted by Gloria LaRoche (niece)

Bowyer, Herbert Allen - 276th Engineer Combat Battalion - Submitted by Deborah Bowyer (daughter)

Boyce, Syderick Clayton - 16th Armored Divison; 10th Infantry Regiment, 5th Infantry Division - Submitted by Cynthia J. Crumb (daughter)

Bruszewski, John - 4th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron - Submitted by Scott and Craig Morris (grandsons)

Bryant, Buell - Submitted by Allen Cooley (acquaintance)

Burnett, Wilmar Henry - A Company, 822nd Tank Destroyer Battalion - Submitted by Tammy Pumper (granddaughter)

Carlson, Robert G. - 285th Engineer Combat Battalion - Submitted by himself

Cervantes, Felipe (Phil) - 38th Combat Engineer Battalion - Submitted by himself

Chappell, John Alden - Cannon Company, 119th Infantry Regiment, 30th Infantry Division - Submitted by Mark A. Chappell (nephew)

Conway, Harold Francis - C Company, 326th Airborne Engineer Battalion, 101st Airborne Division - Submitted by Kevin Barkman (grandson)

Crumley, Oliver Frank - Submitted by Phyllis Mull (daughter)

Dax, Henry "Hank" George - 159th Infantry Regiment - Submitted by Jessica Dax Goodman (granddaughter)

Flanagan, William Thomas, Jr. - 66th Tank Battalion; 36th I.D.; 63rd I.DD.; 100th I.D. - Submitted by Melanie Flanagan Elliott (granddaughter)

Foley, Lyle William - 24th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron Mechanized - Submitted by Beverly Snyder (daughter)

Foster, Clayton Bayne - 235th Combat Engineer Battalion - Submitted by Nora Mae Foster (wife)

Freeberg, Irvin - 183rd Artillery Group - Submitted by Katrina Stanchfield (granddaughter)

Frey, Dree Miles - Submitted by Richard Frey (nephew)

Gallegos, Floyd - 31st Chemical Decon Co., 6th Engineer Special Brigade, 29th Infantry Division - Submitted by Curtis Brown (grandson)

Garrity, Hugh - SHAEF HQ - Submitted by Charles Westra (acquaintance)

Gold, Jack Borders - E Company, 23rd Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division - Submitted by Clyde Gold (son)

Goldsmith, Cleo Pershing - C Company, 726th Railroad Operating Battalion - Submitted by Jerry Goldsmith (son)

Gustafson, Robert Eugene - A Company, 517th Parachute Infantry Regiment - Submitted by Gus Gustafson (son)

Gwin, Ervin L. - Killed in Action on 11 April 1945 in the vicinity of Meinerzhagen, Germany - Submitted by Lewie Cooper (son-in-law)

Haaland, Carlos O. - HQ Co., 1st Bn., 222nd IR., 42nd ID.; HQ Co., 2nd Bn., 338th IR., 85th ID. - Submitted by Penny Jasper (daughter)

Harris, Frederick - 2nd Battalion, 9th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division - Submitted by Frank A. Teklits (n/a)

Hathaway, Perry - Submitted by A. Dale Godbee (family friend)

Hesser, Leon - 34th Infantry Regiment, 24th Infantry Division - Submitted by himself

Holmes, Chester - Submitted by Kelly Parks (nephew)

Holmes, Ernest - Submitted by Kelly Parks (nephew)

Huseby, Robert M. - 81st Combat Engineer Battalion, 106th Infantry Division - Submitted by Diana Edmiston (granddaughter)

Isenberg, Sheldon "Bud" - B Company, 776th Amphibious Tank Battalion - Submitted by Bud Guyer (nephew)

Isler, Boyd - 3rd Armored Division - Submitted by Steve Isler (nephew)

Janniere, William J. - Submitted by Tony Janniere (brother)

Jenkins, Henry Burton - 159th Infantry Regiment - Submitted by Betty Jenkins Ledford (daughter)

Karaka, Robert Lawrence - C Company, 5th Brigade, 102nd Infantry Regiment, 43rd Infantry Division; B Company, 185th Infantry Regiment, 40th Infantry Division - Submitted by Harold Robert Karaka (son) and Charlotte Karaka Vaughn (daughter)

Kauffman, Freeman J. - 15th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron - Submitted by John Kauffman (son)

Kemp, Clifford F. - 50th Field Artillery Battalion, 5th Infantry Division - Submitted by Grace Kemp (daughter)

Kennedy, Jesse W. - 292nd Engineer Combat Battalion - Submittted by Karen Kennedy (daughter)

Keyes, Edward Raymond - 287th Combat Engineer Battalion; 297th Combat Engineer Battalion; 459th Combat Engineer Battalion; 652nd Combat Engineer Battalion - Submitted by Bruce R. Keyes (son)

Kohlrieser, Leo - 82nd Airborne Division - Submitted by Becky Ratcliff (niece)

Koller, Robert Maurice - Company F, 2nd Battalion, 39th Infantry Regiment, 9th Infantry Division - Submitted by Victor W. O'Dell, Jr. (son-in-law)

Koskimaki, George - HQ Company, 101st Airborne Division - Submitted by Richard Brodbeck (friend)

Lafferty, Emory Ralph - A Company, 203rd Engineer Combat Battalion; 6th Engineer Special Brigade - Submitted by Deborah Bowyer (granddaughter)

Landgren, Dale Delbert - 771st Field Artillery Battalion - Submitted by Jon Lewis (grandson)

Lapierre, Laurent O. - I Company, 357th Infantry Regiment, 90th Infantry Division - Submitted by Paula Platt (daughter)

Larsen, James B. - A Company, 741st Tank Battalion - Submitted by Rebecca Johnson (daughter)

Levy, Moses - C Company, 168th Combat Engineers, 89th Infantry Division - Submitted by Elizabeth Levy (daughter)

Lewis, Forrest Tillman - Submitted by Jon Lewis

Lewis, James Byron - Submitted by Tina C. Gilbert (friend)

McCartney, Leo F. - 628th Tank Destroyer Battalion - Submitted by Kevin R. McCartney (son)

McCrary, Jack Ladwin - C Company, 2677th Engineer Regiment - Submitted by Anita McCrary Cagle (daughter)

McEntire, DeWitt "D.W." - 35th Cavalry Recon. Troop, 35th Infantry Division - Submitted by Kane and Keith McEntire andd Family (grandsons)

McGovern, Walter Collins - 97th Infantry Division - Submitted by Sheila McGovern Kendrick (daughter)

McGuire, George H. - 134th Infantry Regiment, 35th Infantry Division - Submitted by Darren McGuire (nephew)

Melillo, Louis, Jr. - 505th Military Police Battalion - Submitted by Louis Melillo, III (son)

Mirra, Casper C. - 13th Armored Regiment, 1st Armored Division - Submitted by Michael Mirra (son)

Morton, Philip L. - 83rd Reconnaissance Troop, 83rd Infantry Division - Submitted by Janet Doherty (daughter)

Nicosia, Joseph M. - 195th Port Company, Transportation Corps - Submitted by Joanna N. Tuzzeo (daughter)

Oppedisano, Eugene Dante - 748th Tank Battalion - Submitted by Roy Oppedisano (son)

Patton, Chad R. - A Battery, 872nd Field Artillery Battaliion - Submitted by Tad Patton (son)

Pearson, Bob L. - Service Company, 3rd Battalion, 137th Innfantry Regiment, 35th Infantry Division - Submitted by Jeffrey Pearson (son)

Plunge, Jr., Adam M. - B Company, 10th Armored Infantry Battalion, 4th Armored Division - Submitted by Robert Williams (grandson)

Popp, Henry - Colonel, US Army, Pacific Theater - Submitted by Elizabeth Eden (daughter)

Prevette, Clyde - E Company, 115th Infantry Regiment, 29th Infantry Division - Submitted by Robert Johnson (grandson-in-law)

Price, Robert Curtis - 112th Infantry Regiment, 28th Infantry Division - Submitted by Master Sergeant John David Oakes' Family

Redburn, Alfred LeRoy - 42nd Infantry Division - Submitted by Barbara Redburn (family)

Reppart, Leonard V. - B Company, 82nd Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, 2nd Armored Division - Submitted by Tom Reppart (great nephew)

Riley, John H. - 62nd Armored Field Artillery Battalion - Submitted by Jack Riley (son)

Rupert, Eugene Jerome - Captain, 38th Combat Engineers Regiment, 1st Engineer Special Brigade.  Landed on Utah Beach.  Submitted by Richard T. Rupert (son)

Sebring, Mahlon - A Battery, 319th Glider Field Artillery Battalion - Submitted by Sid Eells (acquaintance)

Sharkey, Herbert Edward - K Company, 263rd Infantry Regiment, 66th Infantry Division - Submitted by William Maynard (grandson)

Slawson, William "Bill" - 1st Special Service Force; D Co., 505 PIR, 82nd Airborne Division - Submitted by Robert Prosser (friend)

Smith, Robert E. - Submitted by Allen Cooley (friend)

Sneed, Robert O. - A Company, 38th Engineers - Submitted by Ray H. Smith (acquaintance))

Stearns, Howard Ford, Jr. - A Company, 504th Military Police Battalion, 45th Infantry Division - Submitted by Rod Stearns (son)

Surface, George B. - Tank Commander, C Company, 81st Tank Battalion, 5th Armored Division - Submitted by Darren McGuire (nephew)

Taylor, Edward Charles - A Company, 169th Infantry Regiment, 43rd Infantry Division - Submitted by Michael A. Taylor (son)

Taylor, John David - Submitted by Tina C. Gilbert (cousin)

Tenenholtz, Simon - 255th Infantry Regiment, 63rd Infantry Division - Submitted by Barry Tenenholtz (son)

Trisler, Willie G. - Submitted by Tina C. Gilbert (sister)

Valdez, Pascual Monares - Staff Sergeant, 736th Tank Battalion - Submitted by Eloise Valdez-Compton (daughter)

Vermilyea, Richard L. - Pfc, F Company, 345th Infantry Regiment, 87th Infantry Division - Submitted by Mark Vermilyea (nephew)

Whitley, George - 54th Evacuation Hospital - Submitted by himself

U.S. Army Air Forces

Froggatte, Ralph Willard - Submitted by Virginia Froggatte (wife)

Gilbert, William Clayton - 27th Air Depot Group - Submitted by himself

Henry, Eugene M. - B-17 gunner, 94th Bomb Group - Submitted by Thomas, James and Charles Laham (nephews)

Hundley, Harold H. - 823rd Bomb Squadron, 38th Bomb Group, 5th Air Force - Flight Maintenance Gunner on a B-25 - Submitted by Martha

                                       Schoonover (daughter)

Jenkins, Forrest Edward (Jinx) - 861st Engineer Squadron - Munitions and Bomb Armorer - Submitted by Pat Garret (daughter)

Kehler Jr., Fred - Submitted by William C. Gilbert (brother-in-law)

Lee, Harold "Bill" - Glider mechanic, 94th Troop Carrier Squadon - Submitted by Carol Lee (daughter)

Liljedahl, John Bruce - Pilot, 372nd Bomb Squadron, 307th Bomb GGroup - Submitted by Nancy Liljedahl Hall (daughter)

Long, Franklin R. - 105th and 145th Army Airways Communication System Squadron - Submitted by Beth Morrow (daughter)

Mauser, Irving - 603rd Bomb Squadron, 398th Bomb Group, Eighth Air Force - Submitted by Alan Mauser Emus (son)

McGarrity, Michael J. - 321st Services Squadron, 320th Services Group. - Submitted by Thomas P. McGarrity (son)

Palmer, Millard "Lefty" - 73rd Bomb Wing - Submitted by himself

Parafinski (Paran), Edward W. - 38th Troop Carrier Squadron - Submitted by June Gerken (daughter)

Parks, E.W. (Pat) - Submitted by Kelly Parks (son)

Peterson, Blair - gunner and electronics engineer on B-29's stationed on Saipan - Submitted by William Ortlund (cousin)

Pearce, Richard - Photographer onboard B-29's, Pacific Theater - Submitted by Allen Cooley (acquaintance)

Redburn, Melvin Wilcox (Willis) - Radio Operator, 559th Signal Aircraft Waarning Battalion - Submitted by Barbara Redburn (family)

Redburn, Ralph Albert - Base Engineer, Hickam Field, Hawaii - Submitted by Barbara Redburn (family)

Reed, Robert W. - 3rd Photo Reconnaissance Squadron - Submitted by Ronald Reed (nephew)

Reynolds, Homer L. - Gunner, 460th Bomb Group, Fifteenth Air Force - Submitted by George D. Reynolds (brother)

Savino, Dominick Robert - 1st Sergeant - Submitted by Nina Savino (daughter)

Stone, Clifford - B-24 Pilot, 460th Bomb Group - Submitted by Allen Cooley (acquaintance)

Walter, Jack C. - 25th Station Complement Squadron; H Co., 304th I.R., 76th I.D.; M Co., 393rd I.R., 99th I.D. - Submitted by Bill and Cletia Chandler (son-in-law & daughter)

U.S. Navy

Afton, John Daynne - Electrician's Mate, 2nd Class, USS Hamlin - Submitted by himself

Bagley, Leon "Lee" Everett - 40th Naval Construction Battalion - Electrician's Mate, 2nd Class - Submitted by Rachael Bagley (wife)

Brown, Donelda - Submitted by Allen Cooley (acquaintance)

Cooley, Lloyd - Submitted by Allen Cooley (grandson)

Crippen, Paul David - Submitted by Tina C. Gilbert (cousin)

Crippen, Walter Eugene - Submitted by Tina C. Gilbert (cousin)

Deal, Robert Edgar - Sonar man, 2nd Class, USS Alfred A. Cunningham; USS Robert E. Peary - Submitted by Tim Deal (son)

Dunbar, Robert Lavern - Submitted by Dutch Dunbar (son)

Eberhard, Rollan K. - Radioman, Third Class (ship or station unknown) - Submitted by Louise Eberhard (wife)

Gabel, Richard L. - Bosun's Mate, USS Robinson - Submitted by himself

Goldsmith, James Wade - Medic - Submitted by Jerry Goldsmith (nephew)

Goldsmith, Kenneth Edward - Submitted by Jerry Goldsmith (nephew)

Goldsmith, Stanley - USS California - Submitted by Jerry Goldsmith (nephew)

Hallock, Rex - Amphibious Communications Unit - Submitted by the Rex Hallock Family

Holmes, Richard E. - Submitted by Kelly Parks (nephew)

Johnson, Gordon C. - Store Keeper, 3rd Class, USS Gratia andd USS Rutland - Submitted by Tim Johnson (son)

Metcalf, Ralph J. - Lieutenant Commander, Physician - Submitted by Morgan Metcalf (son)

Miles, Edgar "Eddie" - Served aboard the USS Tucker and USS Laub, Signalman, First Class - Submitted by the E. E. Miles Family

Neff, John Junior - Great Lakes Naval Hospital & LST-730, Pharmacist's Mate - Submitted by Tim Johnson (nephew)

Redburn, Howard Ralph - Radioman - Submitted by Barbara Redburn (wife)

Sanborn, Keith - Submitted by himself

Sanborn, Wanda - Submitted by herself

Smith, Lewis M. "Melvin" - USS Richmond - Submitted by Roger Cutsinger (son-in-law)

Stahl, Wallace William - Served at Midway and Okinawa - Electrician's Mate, First Class - Submitted by Cynthia Stahl Lawyer (daughter)

Weygandt Jr., Henry F. - Submitted by Tina C. Gilbert (sister-in-law)

Womack, Richard E. - Served on the USS Shamrock Bay and the USS Prince William - Submitted by himself

U.S. Marine Corps

Arey, Floyd Eugene - Flamethrower operator - Submitted by Barbara Redburn (sister)

Bearss, Edwin Cole - Marine Raider Battalion; 1st Marine Divission - Submitted by Bill and Karen Ortlund (friends)

Heinrichs, Harold C. - Submitted by himself

Pinon, Elizabeth L. "Betty" - Women Marines - Submitted by Debbie Beardslee (daughter)

Robinson, Edgar - 2nd Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division - Submitted by Krista Rochelle (granddaughter)

Robinson, Terral T. - Submitted by Krista Rochelle (great niece)

Schwoebel, Ernest B. - G Company, 7th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division - Submitted by Julia Walls (daughter)

Shrader, Bill G. - Submitted by Sharon Starr (daughter)

Tayler, Harold H., Jr. - C Company, 29th Marine Regiment, 6th Marine Division - Submitted by himself

Wagner, Lester Dale - 1st Tank Battalion, 1st Marine Division - Submitted by Cy Wagner (son)

U.S. Coast Guard

Gonsalves, Henry - Submitted by Jim Gonsalves (son) 

U.S. Merchant Marine

Gonsalves, Henry - Submitted by Jim Gonsalves (son) 

Cadet Nurse Corps

Johnson, Naomi (Neville) - Submitted by Tim Johnson (son) 

Defense Industry

Gilbert, Tina - Submitted by Allen Cooley (friend)

Patton, Doris - Defense worker at Beech Aircraft, Wichitta, Kansas - Submitted by Tad Patton (son)