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Name                                    Unit(s)                                                                     Resource #

Raskova, Marina                               586th Fighter Regiment, 73rd Fighter Regiment                             260

Rodin, A. G.                                     XXVI Tank Corps                                                                        371

Rogachyov, D. D.                             Volga Flotilla                                                                                64

Roginsky, S. V.                                 Fifty-fourth Army                                                                         355

Rokossovsky, Konstantin K.             IX Mechanized Corps; First Belorussan Front;                             126; 132; 190; 266; 277; 371; 433; 527

                                                        Second Belorussian Front; Don Front

Rotmistrov, Pavel A.                         Fifth Guards Tank Army                                                               294; 446

Rudenko, R. A.                                Russian Army                                                                                313

Ryabyshev, D. I.                               Twenty-eighth Army                                                                     241

Rybalko, P.S.                                   Third Guards Tank Army                                                              527

Ryzhov, A. I.                                    Fourth Guards Army                                                                     294

Rzhevskaya, Yelena                          SMERSH Detachment, Third Shock Army                                   190

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