Updated 6/14/07

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Name                                Unit(s)                                                                                    Resource #

Malinovsky, Rodion                     Trans-Baikal Front; Second Ukrainian Front                                                    56; 157; 250; 294; 538

Maslennikov, Ivan                        39th Army; 3rd Baltic Front                                                                            120; 258

Masslennikov, I. I.                       Forty-second Army                                                                                         355

Meandrov, M. A.                        2nd Division, Russian National Liberation Army                                               268

Meretskov, Kirill A.                     First Far Eastern Front; Leningrad Military District, Seventh Army; Volkhov    17; 157; 268; 355; 581


Mernov, V. F.                             3rd Belorussian Front                                                                                       277

Morozov                                     90th Infantry Division                                                                                       355

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