German Military Personnel That Served in WWII

Last Name Beginning With (H)

Updated 07/07/10

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Name                                Unit(s)/Ship(s)                                                                         Resource #

Haack, Werner                             Harko 310 (310th Higher Artillery Command), 310th Artillery Division z.b.v.    651

Haarde, Johann                             383rd Infantry Division                                                                                    651

Haase, Konrad                             302nd Infantry Division, 164th Infantry Demonstration Division                        651

Habenicht, Rudolf                         463rd Replacement Division, Field Replacement Division C                             651

Haccius, Ernst                              46th Infantry Division                                                                                       650

Hackbath, Hans-Georg                I Gruppe, Jagdgeschwader 1                                                                            353

Hackl, Anton                                II Gruppe, Jagdgeschwader 26                                                                        353

Hackler, Heinrich                         II Gruppe, Jagdgeschwader 77                                                                         353

Haeckel, Ernst                             158th Reserve Division, 16th Infantry Division, 16th Volksgrenadier Division,    650

                                                    263rd Infantry Division

Haeckel, Ernst                             471st Replacement Division                                                                               651

Haehling, Kurt                              73rd Infantry Division, 126th Infantry Division                                                   650

Haehling, Kurt                              294th Infantry Division, 8th Luftwaffe Field Division                                          651

Haehnle, Hermann                        367th Infantry Division                                                                                     651

Haenicke, Siegfried                       61st Infantry Division                                                                                       650

Hafner                                         Colonel, 338th Infantry Division, 716th Infantry Division                                    651                                                                                  

Haft                                             1st SS Panzer Division                                                                                      534

Hagemann, Wolf                          336th Infantry Division, 541st Grenadier Division, 541st Volksgrenadier            651

                                                    Division, 612th Special Purposes Division                                                     

Hager, Josef                                 716th Infantry Division                                                                                     384

Hager, Victor                               III Gruppe, Jagdgeschwader 26                                                                       28

Hahm, Walter                              260th Infantry Division                                                                                      650

Hahm, Walter                              389th Infantry Division                                                                                      651

Hahn, Eugen                                5th Jager Division                                                                                              651

Hahn, Karl                                   Luftwaffe                                                                                                         353

Hahne, Hans                                197th Infantry Division                                                                                     650

Haizmann, Richard                        9th Flak Division                                                                                             651

Halder, Franz                               General Staff                                                                                                    266; 272; 286; 371; 384; 415; 601;


Hamann, Adolf                             383rd Infantry Division                                                                                     651

Hameister, Friedrich                     Luftwaffe                                                                                                         353

Hammer, Ernst                             75th Infantry Division, 190th Infantry Division                                                   241; 650

Hamperl, Josef                             German Army                                                                                                  522

Hansen, Christian                         Sixteenth Army; X Corps                                                                                 120; 286

Hansen, Eric                                LIV Corps                                                                                                       325

Hansen, Max                               Kampfgruppe Hansen; 1st SS Panzergrenadier Regiment, 1st SS Panzer Div.    250; 482; 534; 557

Hansen, Ottomar                         121st Infantry Division                                                                                      650

Hardegan, Reinhard                     U-123                                                                                                              253; 453

Hargesheimer, Alfred                   4th Company, 2nd SS Panzer Regiment, 2nd SS Panzer Division "Das Reich"   107

Harmel, Heinz                              10th SS Panzer Division                                                                                   255; 482

Harnisch, Siegfried                       German Army                                                                                                  482

Harpe, Josef                                Army Group North Ukraine                                                                              527

Harrendorf, Hermann                   96th Infantry Division                                                                                        650

Harteneck, Gustav                        72nd Infantry Division                                                                                      650

Hartigs, Hans                               4th Staffel, Jagdgeschwader 26                                                                        59

Hartlieb gennant Walsporn, Max   601st Landesschutzen Division (601st Special Purposes Division)                    651

Hartmann, Hans                           1st Marine Division                                                                                          650

Hartmann, Otto                            7th Infantry Division                                                                                         650

Hartmann, Walter                        87th Infantry Division                                                                                        650

Hartmann, Walter                        390th Field Training Division, 407th Replacement Division                                651

Hartmann, Werner                        2nd Marine Division                                                                                        650

Hass, Siegfried                             170th Infantry Division                                                                                     650

Hasse, Wilhelm                            30th Infantry Division                                                                                       650

Hassenstein, Erich                        45th Volksgrenadier Division                                                                            650

Hauck, Friedrich Wilhelm             305th Infantry Division                                                                                      651

Hauffe, Arthur                              XIII Corps; XXV Corps; XXXVIII Panzer Corps; 46th Infantry Division         527; 650

Haus, Georg                                17th Infantry Division, 50th Infantry Division                                                     126; 650

Hauser, Wolfgang                        464th Replacement Division                                                                              651

Hauser, Wolfgang-Rudiger            41st Infantry Army                                                                                          650

Hausser, Paul                               SS General, Seventh Army; II SS Panzer Corps                                              167; 315; 403; 446; 664; 650; 651

Haverkamp, Wilhelm                    711th Infantry Division                                                                                     651

Hayn, Friedrich                            LXXXIV Corps                                                                                               384

Hecht, Max                                  4th Flak Division, 14th Flak Division                                                                651

Heckmanns, Hans-Juergen            28th Flak Division                                                                                           651

Heidemeyer, Hans                        8th Luftwaffe Field Division                                                                              651

Heidkaemper, Otto                      464th Field Training Division                                                                            651

Heidrich, Reinhard                        SS General, Head of the Einsatzgruppen                                                          177

Heidrich, Richard                         1st Fallschirmjager Division                                                                              158

Heidrich, Richard                          1st Parachute Division, 7th Air Division                                                            651

Heike, Wolf-Dietrich                    14th SS Freiwilligen Division "Galizien"                                                             527

Heilmann, Ludwig                         5th Fallschirmjager Division                                                                             557

Heilmann, "King" Ludwig              5th Parachute Division                                                                                     651

Heim, Ferdinand                           XLVIII Panzer Corps                                                                                     371

Heimann, Heinrich                        1st SS Sturmgeschutze Battalion, 1st SS Panzer Division                                  281; 315

Hein, Willi                                    5th SS Panzer Division                                                                                    294

Heine, Siegfried                           137th Infantry Division                                                                                     650

Heinke                                         Kampfgruppe Heinke                                                                                      255

Heinlein, Georg                            291st Infantry Division                                                                                    651

Heinrichs, Conrad-Oskar             89th Infantry Division, 290th Infantry Division                                                  286; 650

Heinrici, Eberhard                        1st Staffel, Jagdgeschwader 26                                                                        28

Heinrici, Gotthard                         16th Infantry Division; German Army, Berlin                                                    538; 650; 765

Heintz, Joachim                            984th Grenadier Regiment, 275th Infantry Division                                           487

Heitz, Walter                                VIII Corps                                                                                                      241

Heistermann von Ziehlberg, Gustav   28th Jager Division                                                                                      651       

Helbig, Jochen                             Luftwaffe, 4th Staffel - Lehrgeschwader 1                                                        736

Held, Karl                                    147th Replacement Division                                                                            650

Held, Alfred                                Luftwaffe, Jagdgeschwader 77                                                                          736

Hellmich, Heinz                            243rd Infantry Division                                                                                     384

Helmann, Willi                              Jagdgeschwader 54                                                                                         353

Hell, Ernst-Eberhard                    15th Infantry Division, 269th Infantry Division                                                   650

Hell, Ernst Eberhardt                    VII Corps, Sixth Army                                                                                    56

Heller, Erich                                 2nd SS Panzer Division                                                                                    557

Hellmich, Heinz                            141st Replacement Division, 141st Reserve Division,                                         650

Hellmich, Heinz                            23rd Infantry Division                                                                                       177

Hengen, Fritz                               331st Infantry Division                                                                                      651

Henke                                         Kampfgruppe Henke, Hermann Goring Training Regiment                                 255; 482

Henke, Carl                                 290th Infantry Division                                                                                     120; 650

Henke, Gerhard                           30th Infantry Division, 290th Infantry Division                                                   650

Henke, Gerhard                           11th Luftwaffe Field Division                                                                            651

Henke, Hellmuth                          Panzer Lehr Division                                                                                        557

Henneberg                                   4th Company, 26th Panzer Regiment, 26th Panzer Division                               439

Hennecke, Walter                        Navy                                                                                                              893

Henrici, Waldemar                       258th Infantry Division, 443rd Landesschutzen Division, 555th Infantry            650; 651


Henze, Albert                              30th Infantry Division, 19th Luftwaffe Field Division, 21st Luftwaffe Field         650; 651


Herbert, Theodor                         15th Flak Division, 20th Flak Division                                                               651

Hermann                                      Master Sergeant, 9th Anti-aircraft Regiment (Motorized)                                   595

Hermann                                      Colonel, 93rd Infantry Division                                                                          650

Hermann, Alfred                          263rd Infantry Division                                                                                      650

Hermann, Harry                            6th Parachute Division, 9th Parachute Division                                                  651

Hermann, Paul                              264th Infantry Division                                                                                     650

Hermes, Walter                           192nd Regiment, 21st Panzer Division                                                               384

Hernekamp, Karl                         12th Infantry Division, 32nd Infantry Division                                                     286; 650

Hernekampf, Kurt                        (Karl?) 210th Infantry Division (Coastal Defense)                                              650

Herr, Traugott                              LXXVI Panzerkorps                                                                                        158

Herrlein, Friedrich                        71st Infantry Division                                                                                        650

Herrmann, Hajo                            Luftwaffe                                                                                                         765

Herrmann, Herbert                       U-47                                                                                                                592

Hertenstein, Rolf                          5th Company, 4th Panzer Regiment, 13th Panzer Division; 2nd Panzer Division; 218; 332; 477

                                                   Panzer Division Muncheberg                                                                             477

Herzog, Kurt                               XXXVIII Corps                                                                                               355

Herzog, Kurt                              291st Infantry Division                                                                                        651

Hesse, Max                                7th Flak Division                                                                                                651

Heucke, Werner                         Corps Detachment E, 251st Infantry Division                                                      650

Heuhner, Werner                        416th Infantry Division                                                                                        651

Heun, Wilhelm                            83rd Infantry Division                                                                                         650

Heun, Wilhelm                            Infantry Division Schageter (1st RAD Division)                                                    651

Heunert, Iwan                             58th Infantry Division                                                                                          650

Heusinger, Adolf                         German Army                                                                                                    503

Heuttmann, Adolf                        405th Landesschutzen Division                                                                           651

Heuttner, Hans                            167th Infantry Division                                                                                       650

Hewelke, Georg                          339th Infantry Division                                                                                       651

Heyda, Korvetten-Kapitaen        U-434                                                                                                               291

Heydrich, Reinhard                     German Intelligence                                                                                            311; 489; 538

Heye, Helmuth                            Admiral Hipper                                                                                                  274

Heyne, Walter                            6th Infantry Division, 82nd Infantry Division                                                        650

Heyse, Ulrich                              U-128                                                                                                               453

Hielscher, Edgar                          208th Infantry Division                                                                                       650

Hielscher, Rudolf                         258th Infantry Division                                                                                       650

Hiepe, Hellmuth                           413th Replacement Division                                                                               651

Hildebrandt, Hans-Georg            715th Infantry Division                                                                                        651

Hilpert, Karl                                Army Group Courland                                                                                       650

Hilpert, Karl                                Sixteenth Army; Army Group North                                                                  4

Himer, Kurt                                 46th Infantry Division, 216th Infantry Division                                                    650

Himmler, Heinrich                        Replacement Army                                                                                            650

Himmler, Heinrich                        Head of the SS                                                                                                 55; 177; 246; 557; 765

Hinghofer, Walter                        342nd Infantry Division, 717th Infantry Division (Static)                                      651

Hintz, Johannes                            4th Flak Division                                                                                                651

Hinz                                            4th Company, 26th Panzer Regiment, 26th Panzer Division                                 439

Hippel, Ferdinand                        34th Infantry Army                                                                                            650

Hippler, Bruno                             329th Infantry Division                                                                                       651

Hirt, Rudolf                                  15th Infantry Division                                                                                        650

Hitter, Alfons                                106th Infantry Division, 206th Infantry Division                                                 650

Hitzfeld, Otto                               11th Army                                                                                                        200

Hitzfeld, Otto                               102nd Infantry Division                                                                                     650

Hochbaum, Friedrich                    34th Infantry Division                                                                                       650

Hocker, Erich                               719th Infantry Division                                                                                     651

Hocker, Hans-Kurt                       17th Luftwaffe Field Division                                                                            651

Hoecker, Hans-Kurt                    167th Volksgrenadier Division, 258th Infantry Division, 59th Infantry Division    650

Hoefer, Rudolf                             Fortress Division Stettin                                                                                     651

Hoefl, Hugo                                 206th Infantry Division, 39th Infantry Division                                                    650

Hoehne, Gustav                            8th Jager Division                                                                                             651                                                                      

Hoenmanns, Erich                        Luftwaffe                                                                                                           736

Hoepner, Erich                            XVI Corps, Sixth Army                                                                                     263

Hofbauer, Franz                           3rd Company, 72nd Fusilier Battalion                                                                294

Hoffman                                       Colonel, 44th Infantry Division                                                                          650

Hoffman, Fritz                              Luftwaffe                                                                                                          353

Hoffman, Gerhard                        1st Flak Division, 4th Flak Division, 9th Flak Division, 15th Flak Division,           651

                                                    17th Flak Division

Hoffman, Heinrich                        5th Flotilla; T-28                                                                                               384

Hoffman, Helmuth                        62nd Infantry Division                                                                                        650

Hoffman Kurt                               715th Infantry Division, 465th Replacement Division, 384th Infantry Division      651

Hoffman, Paul                              147th Reserve Division                                                                                      650

Hoffman, Paul                              342nd Infantry Division, 382nd Field Training Division, 717th Infantry Division   651


Hoffman-Schoenborn                   Colonel/Major General, 18th Volksgrenadier Division                                        650

Hoffmeister, Edmund                    7th Infantry Division                                                                                          650

Hoffmeister, Edmund                   383rd Infantry Division                                                                                       651

Hofman, Erich                             93rd Infantry Division, 207th Security Division                                                    650

Hofman, Friedrich                        9th Infantry Division, 126th Infantry Division, 160th Reserve Division                 650

Hofmann, Erich                            560th Grenadier Division                                                                                   651

Hofmann, Rudolf                         Fifteenth Army                                                                                                   384

Hofmann, Wilhelm                        Luftwaffe                                                                                                          353

Hohenberg, Werner                     Jagdgeschwader 2                                                                                             353

Hohn, Hermann                            72nd Infantry Division                                                                                       294; 650

Hohne, Gustav                             Group Hohne                                                                                                    286

Hohne, Otto                                 Luftwaffe, III KG 54                                                                                         736

Hollidt, Karl Adolf                        Sixth Army, XVII Corps, 50th Infantry Division, 52nd Infantry Division            241;294; 650

Hollweg, Carl                                16th Marine Division                                                                                       650

Holm, Norbert                              304th Infantry Division, 357th Infantry Division                                                 651

Holste, Rudolf                              4th Cavalry Division                                                                                          651

Holz, Gunther                               Tank Destroyer Battalion, 12th Volksgrenadier Division                                    557

Holzer                                          Der Fuhrer Regiment, 2nd SS Panzer Division                                                   258

Hoppe, Harry                              126th Infantry Division, 278th Infantry Division                                                  286; 650

Hoppe, Richard                            German Army                                                                                                  432

Horn, Max                                   203rd Security Division, 203rd Infantry Division, 214th Infantry Division           355; 650

Horn, Max                                   719th Infantry Division                                                                                      651

Horster, Hermann                        Erwin Rommel's personal doctor                                                                       540

Hossbach, Friedrich                     Fourth Army                                                                                                    126

Hossback, Friedrich                    31st Infantry Division, 82nd Infantry Division                                                      650 

Hoth, Hermann                            Fourth Panzer Army                                                                                          371; 446

Hottl, Wilhelm                              SS                                                                                                                   369

Hrdlicka, Karl                              1st Staffel, Jagdgeschwader 2                                                                           353

Hube, Hans                                  General, First Panzer Army                                                                              294

Hube, Hans Valentin                    16th Panzer Division                                                                                         241

Hube,, Hans Valentin                    16th Infantry Division                                                                                       650

Huebner, Rudolf                            Infantry Division "Doberitz", 303rd Infantry Division                                        651

Huehner, Werner                          61st Infantry Division                                                                                       650

Huenten, Maximilian                      39th Infantry Division                                                                                      650

Huether, Gerhard                          553rd Grenadier Division                                                                                 651   

Huettner, Hans                             167th Volksgrenadier Division                                                                          650

Huettner, Hans                             703rd Infantry Division                                                                                     651

Hufenbach, Helmuth                      562nd Volksgrenadier Division                                                                        651

Huffmann, Helmuth                       277th Infantry Division                                                                                     650

Huffmeier, Friedrich                     Scharnhorst; Fortress Commander, Channel Islands ("Division Kanada")           122; 373

Hufnagel, Hans                            7th Staffel, Jagdgeschwader 300                                                                       103

Hummel, Kurt                              79th Volksgrenadier Division                                                                            650

Hummel, Kurt                              353rd Volksgrenadier Division, 3rd Parachute Division                                     651

Hummel, Oskar                           5th SS Panzer Division                                                                                      294

Hundt, Gustav                             122nd Inafntry Division                                                                                      650

Hundt, Gustav                             1st Ski Jager Division                                                                                         651

Huth, Joachim                              Zerstorergeschwader 26                                                                                   736

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