Updated 5/16/07

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Name                                Unit(s)                                                                                            Resource #

Maddison, Godfrey              5th Battalion                                                                                      384

Magee, Morris                     3rd Infantry Division                                                                          384

Marsh, Robert G.                 A Company, East Riding Yeomanry                                                   49

Massey, Hart                        No. 439 Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force                                  353

Massey, Raymond                N/A                                                                                                  465

McKay, Lloyd                      D Company, Queen's Own Rifles of Canada                                     568

Medland, Dick                     A Company, Queen's Own Rifles of Canada                                      568

Merritt, C. C. I.                    South Saskatchewan Regiment                                                          312

Moncrief, Ernie                    No. 143 Wing, RCAF                                                                       353


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