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Name                                 Unit(s)/Ship(s)                                                                             Resource #

Easton, Ian                            HMS Indefatigable                                                                            261

Eaton, S. J.                           No. 257 Typhoon Squadron, Royal Air Force                                   353

Edison, John                         Royal Air Force                                                                                353

Edsall, Eric                            No. 54 Squadron Royal Air Force                                                    736

Edwards, P.Q.                      Royal Navy                                                                                      525

Edwards, Robert C.              D Company, South Staffordshire Regiment, 1st Airborne Division      39

Elrington, M. "Goldfish"         71st Brigade, 53rd Welsch Division                                                   49

Embry, Basil                         Second Tactical Bomber Group                                                         353

Emery, Ronald                      1st Parachute Squadron, Royal Engineers                                           460

Enfield, Jack Morris              British Army                                                                                      419

Erskine, Bobby                     7th Armoured Division                                                                       234; 281

Erskine, J. E.                         D Company, South Staffordshire Regiment, 1st Airborne Division      39

Eskdale, John                        HMS Charybdis                                                                                440

Evans, Geoffrey                     9th Brigade, 5th Indian Division                                                         199

Evelegh, Vyvyan                    6th Armoured Division                                                                      158

Ewing, Ian                             No. 140 Mosquito Squadron, Royal Air Force                                  353


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